Terms and Conditions

1- Snag My New Home offers new build properties snagging inspections. Our clients satisfaction regarding our snagging survey services are paramount to us. We use our best abilities to help ensure we pick up every defect in your house. This, however, may not always be possible. This may be due to; accessibility/visibility in or out of your house, human error or any similar reason. Snag My New Home takes no responsibility for any defect/issues missed or miss represented.

2- We make it very clear that we are here to help you every step of the way and pride ourselves on aftercare. Our goal is to get your house to the standard you expected. If your house builder refuses to complete defects we will advise you on the best ways to approach the builder. However, this is out of goodwill and our service is on the basis a snagging inspection and report. We take no responsibility if your builder refuses to complete defects.

3- Thermal Scan – we use latest thermal camera “Seek Pro “ to scan your windows, external doors, radiators and underfloor heating. Our inspectors firstly will inspect your windows physically, they will check if windows open and shut smoothly, all the seals are intact and airtight, whether there are any scratches on the frame or glass panels, etc. If any issue found, then we will use thermal camera to scan any cold spots to capture the image of fault/issue. Please note thermal scan works only when weather is very cold, if weather at the time of inspection is not cold enough to carry out thermal scan then we will check physically that your external windows and doors seals are intact, no scratches on the glasses, panels operating smoothly and seals are airtight.

4- Personal and payment information may be processed by a third party company. This is purely in the interests of customer data protection. The current payment client used is “Square”.

5- Our service can vary in time drastically depending on several factors such as house Size, quality, age etc. Under no circumstances does the number of snagging items picked up, nor the time taken to pick them up affect the price paid. Our service is to inspect (snag) your house to the best of our ability. Although we give a guideline to the time taken and the amount of snags on average we pick up if the service takes less time or the amount of snags is less than anticipated we will not be held responsible and shall not issue any sort of refund relating to this matter.

6- Receipt of our email confirmation to your provided email address is an agreement of the location, date, time and price. Any changes must be given via email latest 48 hours before the inspection takes place.

7- If the inspector is unable to gain access to the property on the day of the inspection then no refund will be allowed.

8- If pay later payment method selected then payment should be made latest 48 hours before the inspection booked time. Inspection appointment will be cancelled automatically if invoice is not paid 48 hours before the inspection booked time.

9- Cancellations within 24 hours of inspection booked time are non-refundable.

10- 50% of paid inspection fee will be deducted if upon arrival our surveyor finds out that property is unfinished and due to that he can not carry out the inspection. We strongly advise you that in order to prevent this, make sure your property is fully finished, cleaned and in a ‘ready to move in’ state on the inspection day.