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  • To abide by the NHQB’s requirements for the Pre Completion Inspection, we can confirm:
  • We are a member of recognised professional association RPSA.
  • We hold relevant and adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • We only work within our competency.
  • We follow the agreed checklist for the Pre-Completion Inspection.
  • NHQB and NHBC are both related to the construction of new homes, but they have different roles. In 2022, the NHQB (New Homes Quality Board) was created by the New Build Ombudsman, and they have established a checklist that must be followed during the pre-completion inspection (PCI). This checklist is based on their own set of standards, and cannot deviate from them. On the other hand, the NHBC is a warranty company that oversees the construction process and provides a 10-year warranty for any structural issues. They also have a detailed guide that outlines the tolerances that must be met during construction. These tolerances serve as the benchmark for raising snags in a Snagging Survey.

    While the NHQB’s checklist is based on their own set of standards, the NHBC’s tolerances are often too detailed to be included in the NHQB’s checklist.

  • Yes we do provide de-snagging services and we offer this for 25% less from our snagging inspection costs.
    Please send us an email when you require de-snagging services at

Snagging is an informal expression used within the construction industry in the UK and Ireland. It is used to describe the process of defect, issue or fault identification. Please visit the following link get detailed information about snagging survey.

Yes, please follow this link to start WhatsApp Chat with us

Yes we can. Please WhatsApp us on 07538 969954 or call on 0203 092 9597 or email us at with your new build postcode, date and time you are interested in and we will try our best to accommodate.

Ideally, we advice that the best time for inspection is when a new build is ready to move into or asap after you’ve moved in. Please note, that your developer is obliged to fix the issues, faults, snags up to 2 years after completion, so there are home owners who book us before the end of 2 years period too.

No, you don’t need to be present while our inspectors are at your property. However, if you prefer to be present, then most welcome.

No, we offer snagging inspections for new build properties only, which are less then 2 years old.

Inspection Areas:

We take time to look at all parts of the property that can be visually accessed. These include things such as untidy finish, cosmetic issues, plumbing (leaks), electrical (faults & compliance) and external finishing. We also help ensure your property is compliant with technical standards and building regulations. As a part of our package, we conduct thermal scan to your new build windows, radiators, external doors and underfloor heating.

In general, we inspect the following areas of your property.

Windows l Ceilings l Walls l Any wall tiling l Kitchen fittings l Bathroom fittings l Pipes l Radiators l Heating l Thermal Scan.
Fireplaces l Doors & frames l Staircases l Appliances l Loft area l Flooring l General woodwork l Skirting boards & architraves.
Brickwork l External pipes l Outside drainage l External paintwork l Walls l Fences & gates l Drives & pathways l Gardens l Outer Building I Roof.

Please send us an email on with property size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and number of living rooms. Once we have this information, we will reply to you back with a quote.

  • After ” Confirm Booking” you will be diverted to our payment page. Here you can pay either full payment or only £100 deposit fee. If you need to cancel the booking, please let us know latest 48 hours prior inspection time, otherwise £100 deposit fee is non refundable. Balance payment must be paid latest on the inspection day. Snagging report will not be issued until the full inspection fee received.

A snagging inspector will check every aspect of the exterior and interior of your property that is visible. They will also check the garden, driveways, garage, roof and guttering.

Snagging is a necessary process to help detect and fix any defects in your property before the warranty period ends. Snagging issues can range from heating faults, leaks, un-level ceilings, floors and walls, damaged units, missing insulation, poor joinery and structural issues.

We do not do revisits. It’s customer’s own responsibility to make sure, that property is fully completed before booking an inspection, and then sparkling clean and ready to move in.

We consider a maisonette or Bungalow as a house and house fees will be applicable.

Owners of new-build properties can take advantage of our snagging inspection services in the following regions throughout the England.

East England, South East England & London
If you are looking to book an inspection in this region, then on our booking page please select “East England, South East England & London”.

South West
If you are looking to book an inspection in this region, then on our booking page please select “South West”.

East/West Midlands & Wales Area
If you are looking to book an inspection in this region, then on our booking page please select “East/West Midlands & Wales Area”.

Yes we can. During the booking process, we will request you to input their contact details. Once the inspection is booked, we will call them to get the keys or arrange the access into your property.

Yes you can, book online instantly through our website. Once booked you will receive a confirmation email & a text message.

Yes! Please call our dedicated team during our working hours on 0203 092 9597 and our member of staff will book it for you. They will be happy to assist if you have any concern or question regarding our new home snagging inspection service.

We only add “Out of Tolerance“ snags on the report as an independent professionals, so if there is anything on the report your developer refuses to fix, you can report them to your 10 years new build structural warranty provider for intervention.

However we have never come across a client in the last 5 years who had to raise the above issues after sending our report to their developer.

The above organisations are new build warranty providers. Their insurance policy is provided by the builder which is aimed to protect new build purchaser for a period of 10 years against the defects and structural issues to their homes.

The builder is responsible for the first 2 years and provides cover for every defect within the property during that period.

In years 3 – 10 the warranty provider covers only structural defects.

This means that purchasers have only 2 years to identify, report and have remedied any defects in their home.

The New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) is a new independent body that will have responsibility for overseeing the quality and the customer service provided by developers to buyers from the sales and marketing of new homes until the end of the first two-years of ownership.

For more information please visit

This is usually referred to as the builder warranty period or defects insurance period.
If you feel that an element of your new home is not finished to the required standard, please get in touch with your builder who is responsible for putting right defects that develop within the first two years of your purchase.

If you have reported these to your builder and they have either failed to rectify them in a reasonable time or are unable to rectify them due to insolvency, then you should contact your home warranty provider who may be able to help or offer advice through their own dispute resolution service. They may even be able to complete the work if the builder is not able to.

For more information please visit

You can complete a snag list, anyone could take a look at a new build home prior to purchase. However, only a specialist company could use the knowledge, experience, equipment and tools to ensure your home is professionally inspected and looked at all parts of the property to ensure you are getting exactly what you paid for.

This depends on the size and the level of quality of the property. The average number of defects picked up both minor and major ranges from an average of 100 – 200 snags for a standard 3 bedrooms property. It could be as little as 50 and as much as 300+.

Until you have completed, in legal terms, the property still belongs to the developer and they may try to deny access to our snagging inspector.
However, you have a legal interest in the property and for this reason your solicitor will be able to arrange access if the builder is being difficult. In recent years this has not been a major issues as most developers are used to dealing with us and the HBF ( Home Builders Federation ) has published a voluntary code, Customer Service Code of Conduct, which states:

15. The home builder will co-operate with appropriately qualified professional advisers appointed by the customer to resolve disputes, if they arise.

We aim and try our best to email your snagging report in PDF format next working day latest 10pm, however sometimes it might take a little longer. Report will contain pictures, pinpoint snags and written explanation of each snag we have found at your property.

Yes you can change the inspection date by yourself by following the link you got in booking confirmation email & text message latest 24 hours prior the inspection date. Also you can email, phone our office or WhatsApp us on 07538 969954 and our team will be happy to assist.

Yes we use latest thermal camera to scan your windows, external doors, radiators and underfloor heating. Our inspectors firstly will inspect your windows physically, they will check if windows open and shut smoothly, all the seals are intact and airtight, whether there are any scratches on the frame or glass panels, etc. IF any issue found, then we will use thermal camera to scan any cold spots to capture the image of fault/issue.

* Please note if weather at the time of inspection is not cold enough to carry out thermal scan then we will check physically that your external windows and doors seals are intact, no scratches on the glasses, panels operating smoothly and seals are airtight.

We will email you the snagging report in a PDF format with picture and written explanation of each snag. The report is written in systematic order, so for example if we started from the kitchen then you will see area name written with 1st snag and the following snags in the same area (without mentioning the same area name) until you come across another snag with a different area name. Then the following snags will be all from that area and so on.